About the blog

This blog has been created in the spirit of the 21st century in December 2010. It represents a liberal way of thinking, aiming to break up with dusty, outdated ideas, yet staying within the boundaries of extremities. If this site were music, it would be funk jazz.

It is a golden mean between a personal diary and a periodical, between the subjective and the objective. Organized and sometimes voluminous. Beside the accounts of experiences, the posts aspire to convey general aspects through their personal approach, and thus address a wider audience.

The main purposes are: sharing everyday experiences, making people laugh, advertising our new films, and last but not least, initiate somewhat elevated conversations by posting thought-provoking writings (either related to the current state of affairs or not). In addition to these, any other sort of creative work may appear (even based on Your suggestions). Traces of humor can be found even in those posts that have not been meant merely to amuse.

As can be seen, the default language is English, although the website is Hungarian and so am I. Here is the reason: I set the goal of creating a place that everyone from all corners of the world can visit and enjoy, but I did not want to throw my native language away. Therefore, most of the posts will be in Hungarian, but I make it possible for foreign visitors to read and reflect on certain contents.

Anyone can comment on the posts (no registration required). Moreover, the comments will not have to wait to be moderated which means that you can write freely. Only overly primitive or offensive comments will be removed.

For those who are considering to leave:
"So long, and thanks for all the fish." (from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams)