Versek / Poems


You look back on the past
Every now and then.
The time’s going by fast,
Grab your ink and pen.

You reach up to the sky
Like a worn-out tree,
Staring at the landscape,
All you’ll never be.

The horizon’s fading,
Handcuffs getting tight;
Gunfire is blazing,
You begin to fight.

Break the walls around you
Lest you meet your death.
Waiting for the rescue,
Better hold your breath.

You see the end of fray;
Heavy becomes light.
You see the break of day,
End of stormy night.

All the pigeons flown,
Here’s coming your train.
Set off to the unknown,
No venture no gain.

Forget the song and dance,
Go and place your bet.
You better seize the chance
—nothing to regret.

Get a glimpse of present,
Don’t dwell on the past.
Paint a precious picture
For the die is cast.

To rush would be a crime,
Hit the sack and sleep.
You ought to value time,
Still waters run deep.

The last station to face,
Leave your train of dream.
Been heading for a place
That you might have seen.

You go back to your past,
There’s the worn-out tree.
Only now you know
How to remain free.

(May 16, 2011)