Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 15th: the three sides of the coin

A quarter of a million people gathered at Kossuth Square in front of the parliament building on March 15th commemorate the 1848 revolution and freedom fight. I decided to join the cheering mass at around 2:45 pm, dragging a good friend of mine with me. What's more, I had a camcorder turned on with some seeds planted at the bottom of my mind.

We mingled with the crowd. As we were too far from the center of the square, we couldn’t see much. The only clearly visible event was the march of the arriving Lithuanian and Polish pro-government demonstrators.

After a folk dance and a folk song, József Szájer, member of the European Parliament, gave a welcome speech. (I rarely hear a speech with so many clichés. It was a bit annoying.) As the crowd was growing too big around us, we began to feel uncomfortable. We finally elbowed our way out before Prime Minister Viktor Orbán came on the scene.

The camcorder was rolling all along, and the footage turned out to be awesome – at least for my purposes. What I created is a three-minute-long thought-provoking short film that presents March 15th from three extremely different angles.

The premise: Every coin has three sides.

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